Welcome to Landkir, one of South Africa's leading Interior Design, Project management and Turnkey Consultancies. With over two decades of industry-defining experience, we bring projects to life on time and on budget, and with unsurpassed professionalism.



The Definitive Footprint of Excellence.

Our team of multidisciplinary experts never rest on their laurels. Over the past two decades, we have executed the vision of countless prominent global brands, providing us with incomparable and invaluable experience.

As a full service provider that excels in tailored, achievable and impactful solutions, we deliver on all projects or simply key aspects of the process. Simply put, we are your partners that will get it done right according to your expectations.

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We choose excellence, in every project

Whether you desire a stylish and tasteful home, an appealing and productive commercial workspace or a retail solution that delivers both on the bottom line and overall brand strategy, we will orchestrate the perfect solution for you. By first understanding your unique vision, we will tailor a solution that is both innovative and achievable.


We have it all

Landkir provides a true full-service offering, from conceptualisation and design of your vision, to completing every requirement in seeing it actualised. Whether you’re looking for a turnkey solution, or one that requires us to complete a key phase in your project, we have the skillset to cover any brief in the retail, commercial or residential sectors.

  • We consult
  • We question
  • We comprehend

The very first step towards success is the immersion of our team of specialists into your vision. We strive to understand what drives you, what your needs are, what your limitations might be, and define a clear picture of what success looks like.

While your project will no doubt be unique, our extensive experience across many sectors can help you define your vision.

Fact Fathering
  • We measure
  • We document
  • We source

To fully actualise the space we’re to work in, we endeavour to know it inside out. All architectural and engineering details are taken note of, and all documents needed are sourced and collated.

Concept Design
  • We conceptualise
  • We design
  • We cost

From the grand vision of the final concept, to the minute details that bring quality to life, this stage will inspire you. A presentation of mood boards, illustrations and mock-ups reveal the grand design, leaving nothing to the imagination. At this early stage you will already be able to assess the final product and sign off our comprehensive quotation and/or cost analysis.

  • We blueprint
  • We prototype
  • We plan

After we have revised the concept design to your exact needs, we turn vision into reality. Understanding that budget, final look, timings and any manufacturing and construction is affected by this stage, our designers work hand-in-hand with our engineers and Computer Aided Design team to deliver perfection.

  • We oversee
  • We manage
  • We do the red-tape

Every project comes with an abundance of bureaucracy. Through continual project administration throughout the lifecycle of the job, all the correct documents and certificates are attained, completed and submitted on time. We make sure this is a stress-free project for our clients.

  • We procure
  • We build
  • We install

At the end of the day, it is how your vision is executed that truly matters. Our having over twenty years of experience allows us greater understanding in how to get it right, and you can be assured we only work with suppliers and contractors that are as dedicated to delivering on quality as we are.

  • We review
  • We refine
  • We conclude

We continually evaluate the project’s progress. Your feedback is openly taken on-board, ensuring we are continually aligned with your expectations for the duration of the project until fruition.

Our journey to completing you vision


Our client list speaks for itself

We have worked with some of the most notable companies in South Africa, and we look forward to working and partering with you.